What Is The Built-In Roof?


Also called a concealed roof, the built-in roof, as its name makes clear, cannot be seen when looking at the house’s facade.

We have already used the apparent roof model since the first constructions of humanity. The built-in roof works a little differently. The idea behind its design is to bring a very high aesthetic value through innovation and exclusivity. If practically all the houses we see use exposed roofs, something is needed to differentiate them, such as a built-in roof.

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There are no rules about the materials used in embedded roofs and apparent, but bear with us: how to make a roof built if the tiles have a very high minimum slope? Unfortunately, it can’t. For this reason, tiles with a low slope are the most used, such as fiber cement and galvanized steel.

Thus, this way of building became popular in several homes, is often associated with high-end houses, with an architecture that values ​​both the functionality and the aesthetic value of the construction. But to know how to make a built-in roof, one must first understand its advantages over the apparent one. So, keep reading to find out and don’t forget to use when roofing.

What Are The Advantages Of A Built-In Roof?

Making a built-in roof is a task that must be done by a qualified professional and detailed & reputable company to have more advantages than disadvantages, especially when we think about the cost of the work. As we said before, the tiles used are usually galvanized steel or fiber cement; as the aesthetic appeal is in the absence of the roof, the aesthetics of the tiles is irrelevant. These tiles are cheaper in construction, as a single piece covers a much larger area, and they tend to be cheaper than other types of tiles. Furthermore, all the woodworking for the construction of an exposed roof is not necessary. The reduced cost, then, is a great advantage of the recessed roof.

Another positive point is the lightness of the structure, which can be safer on unstable terrain, slopes, or very large buildings, which need firmer – and consequently more expensive – foundations to support the weight of the roof. In addition, the beauty and harmony with the most modern construction models also speak loudly for anyone looking to know how to build a built-in roof. This tip will help you to know all.


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