Your Roof Needs Regular Cleaning and Washing: Why You Should Not Tackle This Job Yourself


A lot of homeowners do not pay attention to their roof, neglecting regular roof cleaning. But, the roof needs regularly cleaning to protect it and your home from damage. You need to clean your oof within the first five years of installation and every 2-3 years afterward. However, some homes may need to be cleaned more frequently than others.

Cleaning your roof regular provides many benefits and helps protect your home. By being aware of these benefits, you can take regular Zachs roof cleaning or power washing services seriously.

When To Clean to Your Roof

Typically, heavy rain will wash away your detergents before they can deal with dirt and thick mud. Also, a wet roof is not safe for walking, so it is best to wait for a clear day before trying to clean your roof.  If you tend to have regular guests at home, you might want to wash your roof every week or two to let any detergent odors dissipate.

If your house is prone to mold and moss, consider having your roof cleaned when fall is about to end. Cleaning the roof during this time will eliminate any growth and kill spores and roots before your tiles and shingles are covered with snow. In addition, you might want to schedule roof washing if you wish to put up your house for sale.

Why DIY Roof Cleaning is Not a Good Idea

Because your roof needs regular washing, you might want to consider investing in pressure washing equipment to try to do the job on your own. Although owning this equipment lets you clean your roof at your convenience, roof cleaning is usually harder and dangerous than you realize.

As a homeowner, you might think that the extra pressure can effectively remove most and thick dirt layers. But, too much pressure can become loose or even split your shingles and tiles. At our house cleaning service in CA, we take pride in providing our clients with the high-quality green supplies on the market. In fact, this can also create dirt splatter. To best address mold and algae, it is important to use specialty chemicals designed for killing growing roots and spores. Professional roof cleaners have access to these cleaning solutions.

Moreover, you might consider using chlorine bleach on your roof, drying out, and damaging your shingles and tiles. Professional roof cleaners will use oxygenated bleach to help get rid of mold and algae without the risk of damage that chlorine bleach may bring. Also, when you don’t use washing techniques properly, your tiles, flashing, and shingles can be damaged, and possibly create a mess around the exterior of your house. Professional cleaners will clean and wash your roof properly, protecting it and making sure it looks pristine after every wash.

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