6 Ways Your Home Can Elevate Your Streaming Career  


Over the previous decade, streaming has become a viable career, or source of modest income, for many. The immense success and popularity of certain digital content creators, influencers, and streamers that have been largely achieved with the support of companies like The Marketing Heaven, has led to a huge increase in the number of individuals who want to follow in the same footsteps, almost all of whom are doing so from their homes.

To get started, an individual needs to consider two essential components before beginning to get creative: their computer and their environment. This article focuses on the latter, since it is often overlooked. A computer’s specifications might be agonised over for hours, ensuring that a new streamer is able to run the software they desire, but it is their home’s design that often has a greater impact upon their budding career.

Here are six ways in which your home can be designed in a way that will gain you more attention and impress viewers, all of which is conducive to a better streaming experience, one that both you and your audience will enjoy.


As with any form of visual media, whether photography or cinema, lighting is fundamental. Your face should be clear and expressions discernable. Simply relying upon your bedroom lamp will not be enough. Some choose to install ring lights behind their streaming station and, while these are effective, they do little for the rest of the room. Consider LED strips or colourful lightbulbs, not only for a wealth of illumination but to also create a signature aesthetic.


Being removed from distraction as much as possible is important for a streamer since any external noise or interruption can mean loss of concentration or an annoyance of the audience. As such, be sure to choose a room or outbuilding that allows for peacefulness. Garden log cabins and annexes have become popular for this reason. Where this is not possible, soundproofing mesh can be simply added to walls to ensure that it better prevents noise from entering the room, or leaving it.


While your face should be identification enough, many viewers will appreciate your stream being recognisable, especially when clips of your performance are shared online. Incorporate your branding into the field of view. Some chose to paint a logo onto their wall, or mount a neon profile name.


As with many office jobs, you will be required to remain seated for much of your working day. With streaming, however, your comfort will be scrutinised and apparent to many. This means that the furniture you should have in your room should be supportive of your ongoing comfort and health.


Furniture is your opportunity to communicate your personal brand’s quality. Low-quality items, or even damaged items, will only serve to leave viewers unimpressed with your lack of effort. Consider investing in high-quality room furniture to ensure that every detail celebrates your hard work.


Streaming is a job with many tools and, more specifically, wires. Concealed from the view of their camera, many streamers will design their room to include modular shelves and panels that allow for the accessible storage of audio gear, props, and spare components. Without such practical considerations, you may find your stream disrupted greatly when there’s a need to replace a gadget.


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