Commonly Seen Rodents In Houses


Rodents are the most versatile pest and are found all over the world. They belong to the rat family and create a lot of nuisance to humans, especially farmers and grocery store owners. 

While rodents feed on several foods for nutrition, they also threaten your health and property. Most rats or mice have teeth that grow their entire life, so they need something to chew constantly. 

Rats or mice can cause significant damage to property by causing wear and tear on couches, chairs, tables, clothes, etc.

If you spot a mouse or rat in your house, get help from San Antonio, TX pest control as soon as possible. You might think it is just one rodent, but they can increase rapidly and spread over your house.

Commonly seen rodents in a house

  1. Deer mice 

Deer mice are spread all over America. They are primarily found in rural areas where they live under old fences, tree hollows, log piles, etc. 

Deer mice usually are not found in residential places; however, they can enter your house in winter to seek warmth.

These mice are extremely dangerous to humans and are the most common carriers of hantavirus. They carry viruses that affect your respiratory system and cause kidney failure. The virus exists in their urine, feces, or saliva and transfers to humans through air.

  1. House mice

House mice are recurring specifies and spread out in the entire world. They find shelter in dark mad damp places that are usually secluded. House mice have an excellent climbing ability and can jump up to one foot.

House mice are a nuisance to human health and property. They chew the furnishings of your house, causing significant property damage. They even chew electrical wires that can cause short circuits, fuses, and even massive fires in your home.

They contaminate your food and water by transferring harmful bacteria, causing severe diseases like Salmonella.

  1. Roof rats 

Roof rats are native to South Asia but are now found in coastal states and the southern region of America. They habitually form colonies and usually nest at height on trees. 

The fleas that roof rats have been reposed to bubonic plague. Although plague cases are rare in roof rats, they can cause severe diseases like typhoid, jaundice, and other dietary disorders.

The droppings of roof rats can contaminate your food and result in food poisoning. Moreover, they also carry harmful parasites that can cause severe diseases.

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