How to choose the perfect headboard


Your headboard can define your bed and the whole room, so it is best to know what look you feel most comfortable choosing.

Previously headboards were purely a practical solution for keeping your head away from cold walls, and they also were used to stop your pillows from falling down the end of the bed. Now, a headboard is a piece of furniture in its own right.

 What height should you choose?

Firstly you need to know the height of your bed base and mattress. Most headboards come in 35 to 75 cm higher than this figure, and most beds and mattress combinations come in around 60 cm. This leaves you with a headboard anywhere between 95 and 135 cm from the floor.

There are also options for very tall headboards reaching up to your ceiling, reminiscent of hotels.

 How wide should I go?

As a rule, a headboard will be 5 -10 cm wider than the mattress. The fashion currently is for wide headboards, some even going from wall to wall.

Long headboards tend to only fit in with minimalist and contemporary bedroom styles.

 Room Style

Whether it is Classical, contemporary or minimalist, there is a perfect headboard for you. A tufted, upholstered headboard is the best choice for classically styled or a romantic bedroom. It is a trend for the buttons on a headboard to be contrasting colours, and piping on the edge gives a refined touch. Straight lines with velvet or linen provide a contemporary look. With minimalist headboards, it is the small details that make the difference.

Fabric can make a statement.

Leather can look good in contemporary or classic styles, and printed fabrics can enhance a plain rectangular headboard. If this is too much, choose a bold colour and printed pillows, and they can become an accent colour and are easy to change.

If a fabric isn’t your thing, consider solid wood or wooden slats to give a more ethnic, bohemian feel.

Headboard shape.

Whatever shape you choose, they will all enhance your room. Make sure you get the proportions right concerning the room size.

Consider having a headboard made by a specialist craftsman, and you can take it with you to your next property.


When decorating your home, the details are essential, and the same goes for a headboard. Your headboard will be a statement showcasing your personality.

The tiny details can make your headboard have a real impact.

Tight budget

If money is tight, you could consider upcycling an old headboard. Paint a square on the headboard wall in a different colour or use wallpaper to mimic a headboard.

To summerise

  •       check the height of the mattress and bed base
  •       check ceiling height, the the headboard should be in proportion
  •       the width will depend upon the style
  •       choose a shape
  •       the details will make it stand out
  •       plain fabrics are always in fashion
  •       printed fabrics make a statement



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