3 reasons to build a professional conservatory for your home


The benefits of a conservatory

A conservatory is a reasonably simple and easy method to add living space to your home. To make matters even more manageable, you may not even require planning permission if your conservatory is less than a specific size. There are  3 reasons to build a professional conservatory for your home, and we will look into them.

Conservatories are more popular than ever, with hybrid working making homeowners think about using space practically.

Though available in various forms, you can choose an orangery instead if a traditional conservatory does not appeal to you. Orangeries will add an extra room with lots of light, just like a conservatory.

However, unlike conservatories, orangeries typically have a roof that is less than 75% glass (as opposed to conservatories, which have more than 75% glass).

Suppose a traditional conservatory isn’t your style, but you still want a room with lots of natural light. In that case, an orangery is a great solution.

So here are the 3 reasons to build a professional conservatory for your home.

1 – Extended Living Space

Do you already have a strategy for how you want to use your new conservatory?

Do you require a playroom for the children to keep the clutter out of the main house? A well-lit home office is a terrific way to improve concentration and productivity. Perhaps an all-weather lounge addition that extends your living space into your garden will be more appropriate for your needs.

Conservatories provide numerous possibilities for work, recreation, dining, and living. The purpose of your new conservatory is critical in selecting not only the size but also the style, layout, and finish.

The increasing popularity of larger kitchens with large dining tables or casual seating spaces has influenced how conservatories are connected to the rest of the home. Incorporating double doors that open to create a flow between the kitchen and the conservatory is now hugely popular.

Alternatively, a single door will suffice if you desire a more intimate, cosy area.

Consider where you want to put your conservatory and which way it will face. West and south-facing conservatories will receive more sunlight, especially in the evenings. They may create an excellent living area if you intend to spend time there throughout the day.

The evening sun may also make it an ideal spot for dining. With all this natural light and sunshine, it’s worth mentioning that west and south-facing conservatories may get hot in the summer if they aren’t equipped with proper ventilation or shutters.

If your conservatory faces north or east, you might want to consider heating solutions or performance glass. Performance glass reflects heat into the conservatory to help keep the room warmer during the cooler months.

Orangeries and conservatories do not have to be conservative! Any conservatory can be built and designed to the homeowner’s specifications. Once you’ve decided on the purpose of your new area, you can furnish it to suit your chosen use for the space.

The new space can be used as a lounge, dining room, office, playroom, home gym, or even an extra bedroom. Once created, you can utilise the space for whatever your family requires.

What about in the winter? Consider transforming the room into a gym where you can exercise in daylight without freezing conditions, making it easier to maintain a fitness regimen during winter.

During the summer months? Make your conservatory or orangery a peaceful haven for enjoyment and sheer relaxation.

You’ll feel at ease with the world around you, whether you’re drinking your morning coffee in the early morning sun or reading a good book beneath a clear starry sky.

2 – Let the Light Shine Through

Consider which forms of glazing will best meet your requirements. On hot summer days, regular glass and polycarbonate enable more solar heat to permeate, raising indoor temperatures

In some circumstances, performance glass is recommended to keep heat out on hot summer days and prevent heat loss to the exterior during the colder winter months.

You may want to examine the style of your conservatory windows and the types of glazing. Would larger, clear glass panes be more appropriate for the period and character of your home, or would smaller Georgian-style windows be more appropriate?

3 – Conserve Energy and Increase House Values

A conservatory or orangery can be incredibly energy efficient. They can improve your home’s comfort while saving money on your monthly energy bill.

They can act as a ‘buffer’ against the outside weather, maintaining the temperature a few degrees warmer than the outside temperature, which is perfect in typical British weather.

A conservatory is a beautiful place to spend most of the year. However, you might want to consider installing blinds or shutters to prevent too much sun in the summer and to keep heat in the winter.

Specialist blinds or shutters will further enrich your living space by assisting with temperature regulation. Keeping heat in or out depending on the season protects furnishings from excessive sunshine and, most importantly, provides privacy.

You may eventually decide to sell your home. Investing in a high-quality conservatory will boost your home’s value while distinguishing it from other properties when it comes to selling.

A conservatory installation can raise the value of your property by up to 5%! It is one of the most popular home modifications in the UK, with the ability to create a modern, light-filled, and versatile area that the family can use in unlimited ways.

A conservatory or orangery’s visual appeal is critical to adding significant value to your property. Potential buyers will be impressed by a style that complements the architectural style of your home. The easiest way to accomplish this is to choose a conservatory or orangery type that suits you.

Whether you like a Victorian conservatory, the classic simplicity of Georgian and Edwardian designs, or a contemporary orangery, a professional installer can construct a custom bespoke conservatory to match your home’s style and location.

A professional conservatory will transform the appearance of your house.

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