5 Factors You Must Keep in Mind When Refurbishing an Office


Refurbishing an office means investing in your company. But you need to do it right as it would be a large investment. With the right knowledge and little know-how, you can plan a project that runs smoothly and make the process of refurbishing an enjoyable one.

If giving a new life to an old office building is your job, then you might be wondering where to start. Because you need to coordinate with the boss, employees, and stakeholders to know their interests and needs. Better communication with every member involved in this process is important to deliver a project on time and to satisfy everyone using the office space.

You need to finalize the color themes, storage options, ceiling options, and if any kind of insulation is required. You need to consider the size and usage of space before finalizing anything. For example, you may find different sizes of ceiling tiles, like suspended ceiling tiles 1200 x 600, 1200 x 300, and 600 x 600, etc. Choose according to space requirement.

Why Are You Refurbishing Your Office?

First, you need to ask yourself, why am I renovating my office? It might be because your current office interior needs an update because it doesn’t meet your needs, or it is off-brand. Whatever the reason is, you need to go in-dept while planning a renovation.

Here are some important factors that you must keep in your mind while planning an office renovation.

Include Employees in Planning Process

Your employees use more office space, and they know more about the workflow in the office. They are usually more familiar with the layout. Moreover, office staff thought about the changes that are required in the office design to meet their goals.

So, it is important to talk to your employees and tell them your goals and ask them about their suggestions. Gather their suggestions and find ways to incorporate suggestions into your idea.

Achieve Your Goal Without Moving Infrastructure

If your plan involves major changes in the infrastructure, it is time to reconsider it. Don’t mess with the existing structure unless it is necessary, or you don’t have any other choice. Because messing with existing infrastructure is not only expensive but needs a lot of your time too.

For example, if your idea involves tearing out walls, ask yourself, is it necessary. Because it will involve the relocation of the electric system, plumbing, and ductwork that is costly. So, think of ideas that don’t involve moving infrastructure.

Create a Realistic Timeline

Another important factor to keep in mind is the renovation timeline. You need to set a realistic timeline keeping areas of the office you are renovating in mind. You also need to consider everything that will be shifted to complete the renovation while setting a deadline.

Think of important factors and set a schedule for renovation. A realistic timeline will enable workers to continue and complete their work on time.

Create Balance Between What’s Necessary and What You Want

Sometimes, there are a lot of ideas floating in your mind and you find amazing designs on the internet. It will help you to formulate an image, how my office will look like after finishing. But you need to consider your budget too when you are thinking about designs.

So, you need to be practical while designing. Think about what is important and what you need in your office instead of what you want.

Speak With Several General Contractors

For refurbishing an office, don’t hire the first contractor you meet. As we do in other areas of work, meet several general contractors who specialized in office renovation before selecting one.

If you contact reputable contractors, they will answer your queries and will discuss your renovation plans happily. They will give you valuable suggestions depending on their work experience.

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