Garage Addition Builders Near Me: What You Need to Know


Do you already have a garage and want to expand it? You don’t have a garage and would like to build one? Depending on your needs, your garage can accommodate:

  • one or more vehicles to be sheltered,
  • storage spaces for bulky items (suitcases, garden furniture, etc.) to free up space at home,
  • a pantry to store canned goods and drinks,
  • a cellar to store your wine,
  • a laundry room for the care of your laundry,
  • a DIY space,
  • an office space for your entrepreneurial or teleworking activities,
  • a guest room, a studio for a teenager, or rent.

As we can see, building a garage with Zenith Design + Build for example can go far beyond the strict need to shelter your cars. This most often involves resizing the construction upwards but also creating “more comfortable” spaces with an additional effort to be made in terms of insulation, heating, electrical installation, water connection, decoration, etc.

What Solutions To Build A Garage?

A garage construction with garage addition builders near me can take multiple forms depending on the space available on your land. There are three different types of garages:

The semi-buried garage: Is your land on a slope? To save space on the land and create a well-sheltered space for your vehicles, the semi-buried garage solution may be right for you. What is a semi-underground garage? This in-ground garage will take place in the hollow of the slope in the immediate vicinity of the house. On the positive side, the semi-buried garage allows you to have a garage at the entrance on one level, which will remain bright. The insulation of this type of garage is also more efficient since the earth above acts as a barrier against summer heat and winter cold. You can also take advantage of the roof space to create a terrace. Be careful, however: this technical solution is quite cumbersome to implement. It requires additional landscaping costs.

The buried garage: When you do not have sufficient space on your land to build an attached or independent garage, the only solution is to dig it under the house. The garage, therefore, becomes an integral part of the house. Be careful; implementing this solution is complicated since it involves the house’s foundations. Very little used by individuals, the buried garage is very expensive.

The above-ground garage: When you have enough space in the extension of your house, at the rear or the front of the facade, you can build an attached garage. This solution is particularly interesting if you wish to add additional functions to your garage, such as a pantry, a laundry room, a cellar, an elevated bedroom, etc. If you do not have sufficient space in the gable or front of your house but have space on your land, the solution is to build an independent garage.


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