Knowing More About SPF Lumber


The construction industry is always in need of products like lumber, steel, cement and stones. Not only construction, but lumber has also been a staple need in the manufacturing industry too. There are many projects that can’t be completed without this integral material. And in this light, we are going to discuss SPF lumber, which has gained immense popularity in the industries.

What is it?

SPF is the acronym for Spruce-Pine-Fir. It is the dimensional lumber or the engineered wood which has been derived from the coniferous forests of North America. Most of the SPF lumber now comes from Canada, but the northern United States is also a great supplier of it. The SPF lumber has a further classification as Eastern and Western species.

What is the difference?

The Western species of lumber comes from species of White spruce, Engelmann spruce, Alpine fir and Lodgepole pine trees. These are normally available in larger than usual sizes because the size of the logs is longer and the general climate in which they are grown is soothing. Eastern species, however, come from Black spruce, White spruce, Red spruce, Balsam fir and Jack pine trees. They grow much slower as compared to the other types. The wood that is produced here has outstanding strength and durability.

What are the properties?

There are certain specific properties for which the SPF lumber is preferred over other types of wood. The strength-to-weight ratio of SPF wood is much higher and they have lesser and smaller sounding knots. These woods can also give higher dimensional stability and its gluing properties are amazing. These woods can easily hold paint and nails and building code requirements can be met with ease. They are a good solution for fire safety, strength, and durability and prevents sound transmission through them.

What is this used for?

The SPF lumber finds its use in multiple fields. Home care providers in California who meet specific needs. They can be used to perfection for single and multi-family residence construction, commercial construction, framing the furniture, and most importantly for packaging and crating. The prices of these woods are very competitive, and due to their high strength-to-weight ratio, they can also be used in trusses, apartments, houses and in building furniture.

The need for buying SPF lumber has changed over time and the industries are now keener to utilize them in the best possible ways. Hence, getting the Spec Wood spf low-grade lumber is going to benefit you in many more ways than you have ever thought. 

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