Tips for Buying the Perfect Crystal Pendant Light


It’s no secret that some of us can’t help but swoon over spectacular chandeliers. If an evening gown is a work of art, then a chandelier is the gorgeous piece of jewellery that brings it all together. To put it simply, that last touch is what takes the entire thing from nice to breathtaking.

A kitchen with a vintage-looking chandelier and a rustic aesthetic

The installation of a chandelier can give even the most basic room an air of refined elegance. How then can you choose which chandelier will serve both your aesthetic and practical needs? Is it too large? Not diminutive enough? Maybe in a whole different style? These are just some of the questions that are answered in detail in the following guide on choosing the perfect chandelier for your home.

It’s All About the Size

We often take one of two tacks when it comes to chandeliers: either go big or go home. This simple method might help you decide if you need a lot, a little, two, or more. A large scandinavian chandelier dangles from the ceiling of a white room.

Although installing a large crystal chandelier in a room may make a bold statement, it may be too much for certain settings.

A Dining Room with Crystal Light Fittings

You should aim for a chandelier that is about 12 inches smaller in width than the top of the dining table. Also, the design and the room’s walls should be separated by at least 4 feet. Allowing enough space around your chandelier can give the illusion that it is floating.

Entry and Living Room Appropriate Chandeliers:

For every foot that the ceiling is higher than you, the chandelier should hang down between two and three inches.

Adding the length and width of the room together and converting to inches will give you the perfect measurements.

For instance, a design for a 12′ by 14′ room would need to be around 26 inches wide (12 plus 14 gives you the width of 26).

Freebies or two for the price of one

One chandelier will often do the trick when placed over a table or island. There are, however, circumstances in which a group size of at least two is better over a single individual. If you have a long table, for example, the length of the room should factor into your lighting choices. The most important area of the table to brighten is the central two-thirds. Many homeowners nowadays choose to employ many smaller chandeliers to get the desired look and lighting effect, rather than installing a single massive chandelier.


Two smaller chandeliers dangle over the dining room table. The unique style of this dining area is due in large part to the choice to use two smaller chandeliers instead of one massive one.

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