Prior to starting up the pool’s operations, there are a few things to think about.


There are a plethora of pool builders to choose from, and that’s just inside the Houston metro area! There is nothing concealing this fact from our eyes. We care more about earning your continued patronage than we do about winning any one sale. The most important thing we can do to earn your business is to educate you on how to identify trustworthy pool builders and what to look for in them. After giving it some consideration, we think you’ll agree that Wet Pools, Inc. is the kind of company you can put your confidence in completely.

Before signing, ask a builder many vital questions

For how long has it been operating under its present name? Did the company ever go under a different name than what it uses now? It’s smart to work with a company that has weathered the test of time and maintained a solid reputation. Many pool companies in the greater Houston area opened for business but failed within a few years. If the company that built your pool goes out of business, who will honour the warranty? A search for “pool builders henderson nv near me” can turn up some interesting results. Sell your land to a reliable company. Their prices and service are affordable. Visit https://www.sellmylandfast.com/we-buy-lands-long-beach-california/.

  • Gather information on the company and the people’s experiences working there.
  • Inquire as to their impressions of the salesman and the amount of time spent chatting with him after the transaction was completed.
  • You should check in with the company once the project is finished to see how things are progressing.

How much oversight did they provide throughout construction?

  • To what extent did on-the-spot solutions to issues that developed during construction effect the project as a whole?
  • Do they have general liability insurance? What would the price be if it were the case? Do you need general liability insurance to work with them as a subcontractor? Ensure their insurance status as soon as possible.
  • Find out how long the construction process is expected to take

The building of a pool or spa typically takes between 6 and 8 weeks if no outdoor living areas are incorporated in the design. In such case, plan on spending between 8 and 10 weeks on the project’s completion. The window of opportunity may be less at peak times, but it will be wider from October to January due to weather-related delays.

When will payments be due, and how much will I have to pay in total? The great majority of companies want payment in full before consenting to sign any kind of contract. After that, you’ll probably get one draw for 10%, then 3 draws of 30% each, and lastly 1 draw worth 30%. If a contractor asks for more than this, you should proceed with caution since the consequences might be catastrophic.


When considering expenses, it’s vital to remember that choosing the cheapest option isn’t always the wisest choice. You have promised tens of thousands of dollars towards the building of a new structure. When you make a purchase, you get precisely what you paid for. If you’re going to compare prices over a wide range, at least make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Some of these considerations are important to keep in mind while comparing comparable things.

Do you need help locating the most suitable pool finance options?

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