There are several ways to successfully light a large area


Whether you use many examples of the same kind of light fixture or a mix of two or three distinct types of lighting will depend on the aesthetics of your space and the practical function the room must fulfil.

What to take into account while constructing a larger living room

  • The light may seem dull when there is more distance between the objects or persons it is meant to enlighten.
  • Light loses part of its coherence and disperses as it moves further and is reflected off more objects, generating less concentrated light at each location.
  • With just one light source, it will be more difficult to illuminate the whole area and get to all of the nooks and crannies.
  • To make the most of the available lighting, you may always relocate the furniture in the room towards the middle and away from the walls.
  • Portable lights won’t be enough to illuminate a large area. A building with several rooms must have a variety of lighting sources.

In a larger room with a high ceiling, it will be challenging to get light from the ceiling all the way to the floor. Chandeliers and pendant lights perform far better than flush-mount ceiling fixtures or recessed lighting when it comes to optimising space. Without them, people would find that there isn’t enough light to go about their daily business. To create task lighting, a lamp or other kind of light source must be positioned in a specific area of the space. You can check out this mod lighting review there.


In a larger space, smaller lighting fixtures won’t seem appropriate. Aim to keep everything in proportion to the available area. As an area becomes larger, it often needs stronger lighting options. It can be better to use a number of smaller fixtures strategically placed around the room rather than making one large fixture the centre of attention, such multiple pendant lights that hang from the ceiling.

A chandelier hung from the ceiling is a gorgeous alternative if the ceiling height is enough. They provide a stunningly fashionable touch to the interior design of your home and save space by allowing several light bulbs to be housed in a small area. Chandeliers serve as functional lighting fixtures for every area in the house, whether it be the kitchen, foyer, or bedroom, in addition to being eye-catching focal points.

It’s important to consider how the lighting will function with the other parts of the home if the living room is part of an open concept. You should consider how your lighting could blend in with the rest of the room since you will be dispersing light across functional regions.

Here are some tips for having great lighting in a larger living space.

There are many different methods to organise lamps and/or light fixtures. The examples below demonstrate the typical lighting setups for a large living room; feel free to adapt them to your requirements. If you don’t want to fill your large living room with individual lights, you’ll probably need to employ an electrician to install lighting fixtures.

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