Top Considerations While Choosing Rubber Gym Flooring


Are you thinking about building a gym and worried if rubber flooring is right for it? You probably know that rubber gym flooring is best for several reasons, but you are worried about its disadvantages. To help you ease, we will take an in-depth look at rubber flooring to find its benefits and potential drawbacks. But before proceeding further, we’ll discuss rubber gym flooring. So, read on. 

What is Rubber Gym Flooring?

Rubber, without any doubt, is an ideal material for gym flooring because of its durability and versatility. Whether you are building a commercial gym or creating a workout room, rubber gym flooring is what you should consider. These floors come with several DIY-friendly options. From interlocking tiles and mats to sheets and rolls, you’ll find these floors in all varieties to fit your space. 

Pros of Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber flooring is an ideal solution for your gym, and for many good reasons. From durability to DIY installation, these floors will give you everything you want. Look at the following benefits of rubber flooring. 

  • Slip Resistance

One of the biggest benefits of rubber gym flooring is that it becomes more slip-resistant when it gets wet. This means you can easily work out without worrying about slips and falls. These floors also do not get slippery when exposed to moisture. Rubber gym flooring is not only slip-resistant, but it’s water-resistant as well.

  • Incredibly Durable

As rubber floors are incredibly durable, they are ideal for handling heavy workouts and high-traffic commercial gyms.  Many people think that thick rubber floors are more durable. However, this is not always the case. Density matters a lot. The denser the floor, the higher the durability. 

  • Absorbs Impact

You may feel a lot of stress on your joints during an intense workout. All you’ll want is a floor that can absorb the impact of plyometric workouts and dropped weights. High-quality rubber gym flooring can lessen the stress and wear on your back, knees, and hips, protecting you from severe injuries. If you are looking for high-impact gym flooring, consider rubber floors made of lower-density, recycled rubber.

  • Easy Installation

One of the biggest reasons for choosing rubber gym flooring is its ease of installation. Whether you opt for rubber rolls, rubber tile, or rubber mats, you can upgrade your gym space. Among all these options, rubber gym flooring mats are very easy to install.

Cons of Rubber Gym Flooring

  • Smell

The main reason why people do not consider rubber gym flooring is because of its distinct smell. The smell is due to the glue that holds the flooring together. Some types of rubber do not smell bad, depending on the type and quality of the raw materials used. For example, virgin rubber flooring is an ideal option as it doesn’t smell so bad.

  • Style

Even though rubber gym flooring is functional, it’s not necessarily known for its style.


Those are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of installing rubber gym flooring. Now that you know everything regarding these floors, you can make a better decision.

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