Top Trending Granite Colors 


Granite comes in over 200 different colors. Therefore, it can be overwhelming to choose just one. If it is your first-time buying granite for your home, it is certainly going to be challenging and confusing. However, if you are going to spend money on beautifying your home, putting effort into picking the right color will be worth it. 

You should pick the site http://www.kitchenstudio-ge.com/that goes with your lifestyle and preference. Granite countertops from can up the level of your kitchen visually and become the talk of the room. To help you with the color choice, here are some of the trending granite colors. 

Top trending granite colors 

  • Bianco Antico.

When you search for the best granite color on the Internet, you will find Bianco Antico everywhere. This is because this color can easily add charm to your kitchen and home. It is a white-colored granite originating from Brazil. From a distance, it appears white and gray, but up close, you will be able to see traces of pink as well. 

  • Alaska White Granite.

If you want a stunning and outstanding countertop that becomes the talk of the town as soon as you install it, you should go for Alaska White Granite. It is the perfect color for both indoor and outdoor countertops. An Alaskan White Granite slab has a light background with darker minerals running throughout the middle, creating an eye-catching pattern that stands out. Since it has both light and dark components, it works with light and dark cabinets both. 

  • Ivory Brown. 

If you are a fan of a rustic interior look, there is nothing better than ivory brown granite. It is beige colored with traces of red. One of the main reasons to consider this color is that it goes well with almost any kind of kitchen, whether it be big or small, or whether you have dark cabinets or light. Since it has a neutral beige color, it suits anything. 

  • Black Pearl Leather Granite

Black Pearl Leather Granite is a black-colored granite with speckles of blacks, silvers, golds, greens, browns, and shades of gray. It has a leather finish which has been gaining immense popularity in the world. It has a soft luster but is not glittery, making it the perfect choice for people who like textured appearances. 

  • Crema Bordeaux.

One interesting fact about Crema Bordeaux is that it resembles the planet Jupiter. Therefore, it has an exciting color palette. Originating from Southern Brazil, the stone comes in various colors, including blue, cream, pink, brown, and red. 

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