Wood and natural stone Vs Ceramic Tiles: Which one should you get?

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It’s been not decades but centuries that real wood and real stone have been deemed as regal for the enchanting look that they bring into a house. Their quality rustic decor and classic contemporary charm are second to none. That’s why wood and natural stone are still extremely desirable. 

That being said, the advent of ceramic tiles has made the luxury of expensive wood and stones affordable for a common man. How, you ask us? Well, we’ve curated this entire guide that’ll help you figure out which of these materials is better. Let’s get started without any further preamble. 

Ceramic Vs Real Wood and Stones

#1 What’s your budget?

This is the first thing you should ask yourself! Real wood and real stone aren’t cheap. They’re some of the most expensive options out there in the market. Even if you somehow spend a hefty sum on installing them, what about their maintenance? It doesn’t come for free either. The maintenance of both these materials is an expensive affair. 

If you can’t afford these high maintenance options and you’re switching to ceramic tiles, you’re bringing home a plethora of options that’ll give your house a style of its own, without breaking your budget. 

#2 Is ceramic a compromise since you can’t afford real wood? 

This is the one question that puts off many people who crave authentic rustic decor. The good news is that designer tiles like Ceramique au Sommet ceramic tiles mimic wood in such a brilliant manner that there’s no way of telling that it’s ceramic that you’ve installed, not real wood. 

What’s even better? Well, with ceramic wood mimic tiles, you don’t face the problems that real wood has. 

  • Ceramic wood mimics won’t rot.
  • They won’t catch fungus or chip or swell.
  • They won’t require extravagant maintenance. 

#3 Is ceramic mosaic a worthy backsplash?

This shouldn’t be hard to imagine after the aforementioned section. Ceramic is indeed a worthy backsplash in both bathrooms and kitchens because:

  • It won’t be affected by moisture as it’s quite impervious.
  • The heat from the stove won’t affect ceramic mosaic tiles since they’re flame-resistant. 
  • Hygiene shouldn’t bother you either since ceramic mosaic tiles are resistant to stains and very easy to clean. 

Summing Up:

Ceramic tiles are indeed a common man’s luxury. What was earlier confined to the houses of only the rich (rustic decor and contemporary decor) has now made its way into the homes of common people too. Since ceramic tiles offer so much variety, you’ll never run out of options. 

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