Is Annual Maintenance Much Better Than Ad-hoc Handyman Jobs?


Managing administration within the multi-location brand generally is a nightmare. Everywhere needs the aid of a detailed handyman. Selecting the neighborhood handyman for every office and ensuring work satisfaction can be a ongoing struggle.

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Increase it exactly why like different work standards in every single office, maintaining past billing and ensuring cost consistency is difficult.

Annual maintenance helps the brands to overcome these obstacles. However, despite local agencies, the concerns remain as it is. The factors will change for every agency since they become middlemen to source local handyman.

What brands should use is a platform that can take proper proper proper care of handyman outsourcing.

Easy Fix offers such annual maintenance contracts to assist brands additionally for their administration. Some differentiators in Easy Fix are:

  1. Verified Professionals

Easy Fix is India’s leading platform to delegate handyman service. Easy Fix in concert with local handyman professionals and ensures experience verification, training and review of are employed in their own field. Brands access verified handymen professional with Easy Fix.

  1. Guaranteed Service Delivery

We frequently obtain a commitment from our handyman for almost any service visit. However, it is not unusual for the local handyman not to appear or reschedule without deliberating our time. Easy Fix ensures brands obtain a guaranteed service delivery whenever needed. The help are content having a dependable and verified local handyman.

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  1. Fastest TAT

Easy Fix provides the fastest TAT for handyman services with overnight service booking plus an longtime record greater than 85% on-time service completion across 220 towns. Brands can book service when using the Easy Fix online platform and turn updated across the status with complete transparency.

  1. Pan India Presence

Easy Fix hires the very best local handyman and trains them inside the symptom in the skill training facilities. These local handymen also undergo background verification and work ratings. Easy Fix are operating in 220 towns across India to make sure brands obtain a standard service delivery across each office. Easy Fix possesses its own regional offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.

  1. Accounting Transparency

Easy Fix makes certain that brands access complete accounting transparency. Each order differs brands get granular reports furthermore to dashboards and alerts. Easy Fix can also help brands reduce petty cash because the admin team doesn’t have to pay for in cash and advance for almost any local handyman.

  1. Understanding Base

Easy Fix includes a vast portfolio of customers because of its experience exceeding 10 years. This experience results in a ready understanding base for services in niche areas like modular kitchen, exercise equipment, rooftop solar, EV charging, furniture, appliances, moving help, property aggregators, spare management, demonstration, installation, maintenance and repair.


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