What is the price of an In ground Swimming Pool?


The most extravagant option for the backyard is an inground pool. A pool installed in the ground usually costs between $38,719 to $69,599 with the average being $51,833. Vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass are the main three options for materials used in swimming pools and the prices differ based on the type. The long-term costs of these options differ significantly. Electricity systems, plumbing pumps, a deck and a basic safety barrier are typically provided in turnkey kit kits. Certain packages only include transportation and the pool shell. Size, shape, location landscaping, custom work lighting and water features, decks heating, fencing and heating are additional factors that impact the inground pool prices. Because of the requirement for permits and permits in addition to property taxes, as well as charges for maintenance, the cost of installing a pool could rise.

What are the factors that influence an inground pool’s Cost?

In-ground pools typically cost between $38,719 and $694,599, with a national average of $51,833 according to HomeAdvisor. The typical size of a pool is 14×28 feet and is deep of around 6.5 feet. The typical cost is between $50 to $125 for each square foot. The cost per square foot could rise to $300 or more if you have a pool home. In addition, depth can have an impact on costs since deeper holes require more material. The cost per square foot could be around $125 for the deep pool designs. It is recommended that the Red Cross advises diving to an average depth of 9 feet.

Standard filtering, maintenance, and cleaning equipment delivery, installation, the initial water fill and at the very least, the decking for the pool are typically included in quotes for basic swimming pool projects. Be aware that different builders design their swimming pools in different ways.

Size and Form

Larger pools are typically at least 18 by 36 feet, and include ends that are 9–12 feet deep. Beginning at around $35,000 the size. Spool, plunge, as well as cocktail pools are all examples of pools with a price range between $1000 and $25,000 and upwards. They are usually 5.5 feet in depth 10 feet wide and 20 feet in length. They can also be fitted with jets to ensure that you can swim laps in them, however, they are mostly utilized for relaxation and cooling down. Whatever shape you choose will cost you more than $50 to $125 for a square foot of the pool.


Fiberglass, concrete and vinyl are the three kinds of in-ground pool each has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. The cost of pools is generally lower in areas with sunbelts like California, Florida, and Texas as opposed to northern states.


The price of an inground pool will be determined by its design, in part, and the degree of personalisation will depend on the pool’s materials. In comparison to vinyl or fibreglass pools concrete pool designs are much more personal. The most commonly used types of inground pools are:

  • Rectangle
  • Free form (radius)
  • Classic (Roman or Greek)
  • Kidney
  • Circle/oval
  • L-shaped


The fibreglass pools need minimal maintenance, are durable and are compatible in conjunction with salt-water systems. Because fibreglass pools are constructed on site and do not require any chemicals, they come with the lowest price of maintenance. The fact that the shapes of fibreglass can’t be changed is a disadvantage. Concrete is durable and totally customizable. Unfortunately, these pools require the most demanding chemical and maintenance needs. Saltwater systems are not compatible together. The vinyl liners are more customizable than those with fibreglass, and are cheaper to build, however the vinyl has to be replaced at intervals of 5 to 9 years. Vinyl is also prone to tear and becomes brittle as time passes.

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