How Much Does It Cost to Rent Moving Boxes for Relocation?


Are you thinking of moving out and shifting to another commercial or residential space? Relocation can be complex, especially when there are too many things to pack. Cardboard boxes make the process much more complicated. You have to build the boxes, stack the items, and also tape them. Cardboard boxes can’t hold too much weight, and they are certainly not waterproof. You need something a lot more durable and also waterproof.  Moving boxes are a much more convenient and eco-friendly option for relocation purposes.

They’re sturdy and it’s easy to stack up any item. Instead of buying moving boxes, you can rent a few and return them after a week or two.

The question is – How much does it cost? Let’s talk about the rental. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend too much money on the moving boxes, so it is best to take them on rent and return it when the job is done.

Here’s an article that highlights the average cost of renting moving boxes and where you can find an efficient moving box rental service provider in Quebec.

Let’s start now!

Where to find a moving box rental service provider?

There are a few efficient and reputable moving box rental service providers in Quebec. However, you need to be very careful while choosing one.

Always check the reviews of the service provider and ask the price.

There are good service providers like Gobac moving box rental that offer moving bins for a week or more.

Delivery and the pickup charge would be different. Once the order has been completed, the price would be calculated at the end (for delivery and pickup).

What’s the average rental cost?

If you are buying moving bins, it will cost too much. But the rental cost is much lower. Let’s take the example of a Gobac moving box and the related cost. 25 bins cost about $79/week and 35 bins for $109. If you want the company to deliver the bins, the cost will be extra. The same goes for pickup.

In the case of Gobac, they charge extra for an additional week. But it will not cost as much as the base price.

The rates are fair – it’s much lower than what you would spend on buying 25 boxes or more.

If you need extra accessories for moving, a hand truck, moving dolly, packing paper, tie wrap, etc, that can be rented separately.

Moving bins are much better than cardboard boxes. So, go ahead and rent some moving boxes for relocation. They can be reused and packing will be easier.

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